Canoe Pack #2 Original - 59L by Duluth Pack

Duluth Pack

Canoe Pack #2 Original - 59L by Duluth Pack

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Our time-tested favorite pack for generations of wilderness travelers, the Original Duluth Pack backpack. Ideal for those who demand rugged durability for any of their most adventurous treks.

The Original Duluth Pack is designed for all your adventurous outings. From hiking up the North Shore to canoeing down the river, this pack is ready for all of your adventures.


  • Tough 15-ounce canvas construction.
  • Rugged leather shoulder straps riveted for extra reinforcement while hiking.
  • Large single compartment with built-in map pocket.
  • Rides low to allow the carrying of a canoe while wearing the pack.
  • Specifically contoured to fit the confines of a canoe.
  • Each pack comes with a heavy-duty 6ml poly liner and a tumpline.


  • Dimensions: 25"H x 24"W x 6"D
  • Capacity: 59 Liter
  • Uses: Canoeing, Portaging, Field, Hiking, Foraging